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Toxic Dev

Hey everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹ Just a quick little update!

As many of you may know since the release of Tox Mod v2 it has faced various issues, inconsistencies and downtime's I am doing what I can to get the bot back to fully functioning order and will keep doing so indefinitely.

During the past few weeks i have decided that within the next few days I will be making the bot and website open-source to hopefully get some feedback and well needed critiscism from the Discord Dev Community!

The current and original version of Tox Mod will remain active and continue to be maintained on a some what regular basis. Until eventually it is updated to v13 of Discord.JS!

Useful Info#

  • The Main/Current Bot and Website will Remain Live
  • Rules, Security Policies and Licenses will be in Place!
  • Contributions and Changes are of course Welcome

Anyways that's pretty much all. Later โค๏ธ